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Authorization and Declaration: RFAs and Liens Under SB 1160 (Part I)

December 6, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

It’s something like a motto around here: Billing success starts with authorization success. Submitting a Request for Authorization (RFA) is the single best investment a provider can make to guarantee payment for workers' comp bills.

This has been the case since 2013, when Senate Bill 863 made RFAs mandatory.¹ Now, a new piece of legislation – Senate Bill 1160, covered extensively in this space – makes RFAs an indispensable part of lien claimant qualification, as well.

One Year Later, San Bernardino Victims Face Workers' Comp Struggle

December 2, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

A flurry of recent media attention brought light to the struggle for treatment endured by victims of last year’s San Bernardino terrorist attack.¹ On the first anniversary of the shooting, one thing is inescapably clear: California’s workers’ comp authorization system isn’t working.

Submit Me, Baby, One More Time: Second Review Payment Data

November 29, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

Have you heard? We’re coming up on a major milestone. In a matter of days, DaisyBill clients will reach $15,000,000 in additional revenue generated from Second Reviews (SBRs) alone. As more and more DaisyBillers submit their bills for Second Review, we’re collectively clearing $1,000,000 every month.

To celebrate reaching that nice, round number, we took a look at the top claims administrators by volume of electronic Second Reviews for medical treatment bills submitted in the first three quarters of 2016.

Claims Administrator Days to Payment Q1 – Q3

November 22, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

So you’ve filled out all the required fields in DaisyBill and clicked ‘submit’ on your bill. End of story? Not a chance.

For us, that’s just the beginning.

From the moment you click ‘submit,’ our software works overtime to collect payment amounts, payer activity, submission types, code counts, denial reasons, and more.

The result? A really, really big spreadsheet. And in that spreadsheet? Some truly spectacular Claims Administrator days-to-payment data.

Network News: Introducing Our Searchable MPN Spreadsheet

November 18, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

Senate Bill 1160 certainly keeps us busy. Last week, we hosted a webinar about its new lien declaration requirements

Next up? Medical Provider Networks (MPNs). We've had a lot of questions about these organizations, and for good reason – they're notoriously tricky to understand. So we created a killer resource designed to save you time and frustration as you navigate the lien declaration process. Meet our sortable, searchable Medical Provider Network database.

Lien Machine: Mastering the New Lien Declaration in Senate Bill 1160

November 15, 2016/ Catherine Montgomery

The ink has dried and the dust is settling – the workers’ comp reforms in Senate Bill 1160 are here to stay.

Chances are you’ve heard about these changes by now. SB 1160 inspired a bout of discussion not seen since Senate Bill 863 passed through Governor Brown’s office in 2012.¹ Like its predecessor, 1160 contains landmark reforms that affect the entire California workers’ comp community – we provided an overview in our biggest-ever webinar last month.

Now that we’ve had some time to parse through the bill, it’s time for a deeper dive into a few of the most meaningful changes.

First up? Filing a lien. 

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