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Data: Drastic PPO Discounts Revealed

Sep 13, 2021

It’s time to reveal what’s really harming injured workers in California. Starting today, DaisyBill will publicize the reduced reimbursement rates foisted on our provid...

AIG: Improper (but Logical) Med-Legal Underpayment

Aug 25, 2021

AIG improperly reduced a California Medical-Legal bill by 88%, providing a dramatic example of how California law incentivizes payers to incorrectly reimburse physicians who ...

ESIS Fails to Pay IBR Fee on Behalf of ABM Industries

Aug 23, 2021

Ask yourself — what happens if you’re a year late paying a bill?Your credit score tanks? Your car is repossessed? Your home foreclosed on? In most walks of life...

CA Cheat Sheet: Required Reports & Supporting Documentation for Workers' Comp Bills

Aug 19, 2021

In California, when submitting a bill for treating an injured worker, it’s imperative to include the correct documentation to support the treatment. If the provider fails to ...

Med-Legal Diagnostic Testing Is Reimbursable

Aug 19, 2021

FAQ: Is diagnostic testing, as part of a Medical-Legal evaluation, separately reimbursable?A: Yes, as long as the testing is necessary to complete the evaluation.

Med-Legal: PPO Discounts Do NOT Apply to MLFS

Aug 17, 2021

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and other network discounts do not apply to the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS). Period.In other words, the MLFS and OMFS are c...

WorkCompEDI Acquired by Data Dimensions

Aug 16, 2021

WorkCompEDI (WCEDI) has a new owner. The clearinghouse, which processes millions of provider electronic bills annually, was acquired by Data Dimensions, an automation ...

Med-Legal ML106: IBRs Leave No Doubt

Aug 12, 2021

If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now. Physicians should bill for supplemental Medical-Legal reports requested before April 1, 2021 with billing code ML106, regardle...

Sedgwick: Sketchy EOR Math for LA Unified School District

Aug 11, 2021

Sedgwick recently returned an Explanation of Review (EOR) that failed to fulfill a crucial requirement: showing how Sedgwick actually calculated the reimbursement amount paid...

City of Pasadena: CompIQ Saves the Day

Aug 10, 2021

Following a switch to a new third-party claims administrator (TPA), the City of Pasadena violated California law by suddenly failing to accept electronic bills for the treatm...

2021 Telehealth Billing Guide for CA Workers' Comp

Aug 9, 2021

With COVID-19 hardly in the rearview mirror just yet, California workers’ comp providers can still utilize telehealth as a safer alternative to in-person treatment. But of co...

Disneyland Churns Out Incorrect e-Bill Rejections

Aug 5, 2021

Providers billing Disneyland Resorts, be warned: your electronic bills might be erroneously rejected.Recently, we reported on Disneyland Resorts’ switching its bill re...

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