DaisyBill Automates Zurich Second Review Appeals

DaisyBill Automates Zurich Second Review Appeals

DaisyBill recently broke the story (after receiving multiple reports from the DaisyBill community and beyond) that Zurich has improperly denied California providers’ bills for timely filing.

In addition to the incorrect denials, Zurich is misleading California providers with incorrect information about appealing these denied bills.

Enough! DaisyBill believes our clients deserve payment for these services without hassle.

Starting Today: Zurich Appeals Tab Appears in DaisyBill

To help our clients, DaisyBill built specialized technology that allows DaisyBillers to activate the automatic submission of Second Review appeals to dispute Zurich's incorrectly denied bills.

DaisyBillers: Activate Free Zurich Appeals for Your Account

DaisyBill makes these appeals easy, compliant, and FREE. Once activated, DaisyBill will manage either or both Second Review appeals and Audit Complaints:

  1. Second Review Appeals - On your behalf, DaisyBill will automatically create and submit appeals for all bills impacted by Zurich’s timely filing noncompliance within one business day - for FREE.

  1. Audit Complaints - DaisyBill will automatically submit an audit complaint to the DWC on behalf of your organization for all bills impacted by Zurich’s timely filing noncompliance.

Automatic Second Review Appeals: Sent to Zurich for DaisyBill Clients

Below is an example of an automated Second Review appeal that DaisyBill will send to Zurich on behalf of our clients. Each appeal will be tailored to the specifics of each bill.

We will also track payment (or nonpayment) by Zurich. For DaisyCollect clients, if Zurich denies the Second Review appeal, DaisyBill will pay the $180 Independent Bill Review fee and file an IBR with Maximus.

DaisyBillers: Receive Correct Reimbursement by Activating Zurich Appeals

Join DaisyBill and our community of DaisyBillers. Our entire mission is to make workers’ comp better.

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