Get a Handle on CA Workers' Comp With New Webinar Series

Get a Handle on CA Workers' Comp With New Webinar Series

If our blog has one theme, it’s that workers’ compensation billing and payment is a pain. It’s complicated, convoluted, and sometimes, downright frustrating.

That’s why we created DaisyBill: to reduce the hassle factor.

Part of our mission to simplify workers’ comp is education. With the right information, workers’ comp professionals can master the twists and turns of this complex system. Providers, claims administrators, attorneys, and other players can do their jobs with more knowledge, more confidence, and less stress.

To that end, we’re proud to announce our new, free webinar series on California workers’ comp, Workers’ Comp 101.

Your Workers’ Comp Education

This 8-part series covers the key information that billing and payment professionals need. We shed light on every aspect of the system, from the various roles and responsibilities in workers’ comp, to detailed instructions on submitting original bills, appeals, and RFAs, to the latest updates to the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS).

Each webinar in the series is a focused look at one area of California workers’ comp. With all 8 installments, Workers’ Comp 101 is a master class in the entire system, from top to bottom.

Here’s what the series will look like:

  • Part 1: Master the Basics: This introduction to California workers’ comp covers the history of workers’ comp, key roles and responsibilities, useful terminology, and an overview of the regulations, rules, and decisions we have to abide by.
  • Part 2:  Master the Original Bill: We get into the details of a complete, compliant bill for treating an injured worker as mandated by California law, including forms, required information, deadlines, and of course, e-billing.
  • Part 3: Master Payment and EOR Requirements: We take a look at the payor side of the equation, including required responses, deadlines, Explanation of Review (EOR) requirements, and the rules regarding adjustments and denials.
  • Part 4: Master Appeals (Requests for Second Review): Learn how to rectify the situation when the claims administrator incorrectly denies or adjusts a bill, including the required forms, deadlines, and submission rules.
  • Part 5: Master Independent Bill Review: When a second review appeal comes up short, providers can take their case to the state. We discuss when and how to request IBR, and what you’ll need to prevail.
  • Part 6: Master Penalty and Interest: When the payor fails to remit correct, timely payment, California law mandates penalty and interest payments. We explain how to calculate and bill for both.
  • Part 7: Master the RFA, UR, and “Automatic” Authorization Processes: Obtaining authorization can be tricky. We explain the different types of RFA, plus the new process for bypassing utilization review in some situations.
  • Part 8: 2019 OMFS Overview: We explain exactly how to calculate reimbursement for workers’ comp services, including how to navigate the constant changes and updates to the various fee schedules.

Registration is currently open for:

Part 1: Master the Basics Tuesday, September 11, 1-2 pm PDT

Part 2: Master the Original Bill Thursday, September 27, 1-2 pm PDT

Part 3: Master Payment and EOR Requirements Tuesday, October 16, 1-2 pm PDT

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