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Missed Connections: Indirect Routing of Workers’ Comp Electronic Bills

Feb 3, 2017

Today, we continue our multi-part examination of compliant electronic billing for California workers’ comp bills. We kicked off the series with a primer, before diving into e...

EDI Agent Responsibilities in California Workers’ Comp

Jan 31, 2017

Over the past several weeks, we’ve taken a close look at various aspects of compliant e-billing for California workers’ compensation bills. Today, we turn our focus to the ro...

Electronic EORs for Workers’ Comp: Timing and Compliance

Jan 27, 2017

This month, we’ve placed an emphasis on analyzing and explaining the vagaries of electronic billing for California workers’ compensation medical bills. The state’s Division o...

The Seven Reasons for Rejected Workers’ Comp Electronic Bills

Jan 19, 2017

Last week in this space, we published an introductory primer on compliant workers’ compensation electronic billing. Since its introduction in 2012, electronic billing has con...

Four Year Flubs: Some Claims Administrators Still Reject Electronic Billing

Dec 16, 2016

Let’s start with some old news: Since October 2012, California claims administrators must accept electronic billing for workers’ compensation bills. Fast-forward four years, ...

Submit Me, Baby, One More Time: Second Review Payment Data

Nov 29, 2016

Have you heard? We’re coming up on a major milestone. In a matter of days, DaisyBill clients will reach $15,000,000 in additional revenue generated from Second Reviews (SBRs)...

Claims Administrator Days to Payment Q1 – Q3

Nov 22, 2016

So you’ve filled out all the required fields in DaisyBill and clicked ‘submit’ on your bill. End of story? Not a chance. For us, that’s just the beginning.From ...

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