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MLFS Data Revisited: MLPRR Charges Continue to Climb

Jan 21, 2022

California Medical-Legal record review expenses soared into the wide blue yonder after the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC’s) April 1, 2021 update to the...

Download: Med-Legal "Superbill"

Dec 8, 2021

Medical-Legal billing for California workers’ comp is like…well, anything in California workers’ comp: a big mess.It’s convoluted, and physicians get nearly zero help ...

AIG & Coventry (and California) Squeeze QME

Nov 4, 2021

California Medical-Legal physician evaluators, be advised: some payers still attempt to improperly apply Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) discounts to Medical-Legal bill...

Record Review Sends Med-Legal Costs Soaring

Nov 3, 2021

Like a bored multi-billionaire, Medical-Legal expenses for California workers’ comp are needlessly approaching the stratosphere.Our data point to the pri...

CA Med-Legal Reporting Deadline Extension Official

Oct 6, 2021

California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has officially extended emergency regulations which add 15 days to the usual time frame for Medical-Legal reporting.

Coming Soon: CA Med-Legal Billing Data

Sep 30, 2021

There’s only one way to understand, navigate, and improve workers’ compensation: by the numbers.Since the introduction of the new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS) in ...

Med-Legal Reports: Always Include Page Count Verification!

Sep 16, 2021

California’s new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS), effective from April 2021, brought with it new rules for reporting, billing, and payment. Among those rules: when submitti...

AIG: Improper (but Logical) Med-Legal Underpayment

Aug 25, 2021

AIG improperly reduced a California Medical-Legal bill by 88%, providing a dramatic example of how California law incentivizes payers to incorrectly reimburse physicians who ...

Med-Legal Diagnostic Testing Is Reimbursable

Aug 19, 2021

FAQ: Is diagnostic testing, as part of a Medical-Legal evaluation, separately reimbursable?A: Yes, as long as the testing is necessary to complete the evaluation.

How to Win Med-Legal Payment Disputes

May 17, 2021

In light of the all-new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS) for California workers’ comp, we debuted a new tool to help providers. Our MLFS “Report Cards” analyze...

CNA Repeatedly Ignores California Law

May 12, 2021

By law, claims administrators must remit payment for Medical-Legal services within 60 days of receiving the physician’s bill. As of this writing, payment to one physician fro...

2021 CA Med-Legal Billing Codes Pocket Guide

Apr 8, 2021

California has a new Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS), effective April 1. To help medical-legal evaluators and their staff navigate these (drastic) changes, we created a dow...

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