Alpha Fund & LWP Claims Solutions No Longer Accept Phone Calls to Check Bill Status

Alpha Fund & LWP Claims Solutions No Longer Accept Phone Calls to Check Bill Status

One of our great DaisyBillers let us know that Alpha Fund and LWP Claims Solutions no longer allow providers to check bill status by phone. Instead, providers must fax Alpha Fund and either email or fax LWP Claims Solutions.

I would also like to point out that, currently, neither company compliantly processes electronic bills. Alpha Fund does not accept electronic bills at all, while LWP Claims Solutions does not remit electronic explanations of review (EORs). Acceptance of electronic bills and issuance of subsequent electronic EORs became mandatory for all claims administrators in California almost three years ago.*

If either company correctly and timely processed electronic bills, there would be no need to call, email or fax them to inquire about bill status. With electronic billing, electronic acknowledgements would alert bill submitters that their bills are being processed, followed in 15 working days by an electronic explanation of review.

Alpha Fund

  • Requests for bill status must be faxed to 916-742-6469.
  • In the fax, include:
  • Provider Name
  • DOS
  • Charge Amount
  • Date of Bill Submission
  • Claim Number or Social Security Number of Patient
  • Alpha Fund claims that it will respond to faxed requests within one business day.

LWP Claims Solutions

  • Requests for bill status should be emailed to
  • Those without email access should fax their requests to 408-725-0395.
  • The written request should include:
  • The words “Bill Status” clearly marked at the top of the request
  • Claim Number
  • Date of Injury
  • Date of Service
  • Charge Amount
  • Any other information that would be useful in determining bill status
  • LWP Claims Solutions says a response will be issued in three business days

Please let us know about your experience checking bill status with Alpha Fund and LWP Claims Solutions.

*Labor Code § 4603.4 and per the DWC Medical Billing and Payment Guide.

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