Chubb Claims That Are Now Gallagher Bassett Claims

Chubb Claims That Are Now Gallagher Bassett Claims

Many of you know that Gallagher Bassett will be administering some workers’ comp claims that were formerly Chubb claims. Needless to say, this has caused some confusion about where to send Chubb bills, which claims are affected, and whether or not new claim numbers are required for submission.

DaisyBill has been investigating on behalf of our clients, and providers should be aware of a somewhat complicated process for submitting new bills or tracking previously submitted bills.

First, not all Chubb claims seem to be affected. The claims that are affected can mostly be identified by their old Chubb claim numbers, which began with the letters “WC”; for example, WC2012345678. Notice that I said “mostly”--there’s been some contradictory information about which claims, exactly, have been impacted.

Second, for affected claims, Gallagher Bassett has replaced Chubb’s claim numbers with its own claim numbers, which billers will have to use going forward. You cannot get these new claim numbers from Chubb and, unfortunately, neither can you currently get the new numbers from Gallagher Bassett’s main bill review number.

Instead, we have had success calling Gallagher Bassett Services at 844-821-8218 and we recommend that providers call this number to get the new claim numbers.

The new Gallagher Bassett claim numbers should follow this pattern:

Length: 16 characters

Pattern: 12 digits, the letters WC, followed by a 01

Example: **123456-123456-WC-01**

Dashes: Optional

Finally, remember to get the new address for bill submission, whether physical or electronic, for the affected claims.

Note: The majority of Chubb claims are not being transferred to Gallagher Bassett and providers can continue to submit those claims to Chubb Group. As a reminder, the Chubb claim number pattern is as follows:

  • Length: 12 characters
  • Pattern: A zero followed by 11 digits.
  • Example: **023123456789**

If you’re a DaisyBiller, we’ll keep you updated via the in-app news feed.

Contact us if you have any questions about this or any other workers’ comp matters.

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