CPT 99358 & 99359: Payable in 2023

CPT 99358 & 99359: Payable in 2023

California workers’ comp billing is complicated — but that’s what daisyBill is here for.

Effective February 15, 2023, an update to the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) changes the Status Code of two commonly billed non-face-to-face service CPT codes, CPT 99358 and CPT 99359. Despite the assigned status codes change, both procedure codes remain payable under the OMFS.

In the brief video below, we explain the changes.

This video is meant to help California providers who treat injured workers. Take less than 3 minutes to get the details, and bill CPTs 99358 and 99359 confidently.

Video: CPT 99358 & 99359 in 2023

Below, we break down precisely what the Status Code changes for CPT 99358 and 99359 mean, and why both codes will continue to be reimbursable on and after February 15, 2023, when the latest updates to California’s Physician Fee Schedule take effect.

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daisyBill has offered a correction to a previous version of the video above; details here.

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