DaisyBill Offers New Insights into Work Comp Billing

DaisyBill Offers New Insights into Work Comp Billing

If you’re a long-time follower of our blog, you’ll know that we use this space to periodically publish updates on time to payment for workers’ comp bills by top California claims administrators. Thanks to an overwhelming response from clients and strangers alike, we decided to disseminate that data more often, and to an even broader audience. Late last week, we introduced a new page on the DaisyBill website that offers real-time data about average days to payment for every California claims administrator.

You’ll see a number of important terms on the page – we’ll take a moment to explain each one here.

Bill Volume

The total number of bill submissions submitted to a particular claims administrator through DaisyBill.

Average Working Days

California Labor Code § 4603.4 requires payment for medical treatment bills within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the electronic bill. Payment for other services is regulated by Labor Code § 4603.2. Payment for medical-legal services is regulated by Labor Code § 4622.

Filter Options

Use the filter option to obtain detailed average working days to payment data by claims administrator on any of the bill service or submission types defined below.

Bill Service Types

Physician Treatment

Bills for medical treatment submitted using the Form CMS 1500 or the electronic equivalent.

Medical Legal

Bills for qualified medical-legal evaluation services.


Bills for qualified interpreter services.

Copy Service

Bills for copy services.


Bills for pharmacy services submitted using the NCPDP Form or the electronic equivalent.

Submission Types


The initial bill submitted for payment.

Second Review

The appeal submitted to contest the reimbursement amount allowed for the original bill


Independent Bill Review (IBR) is the final appeal submitted to contest the reimbursement amount allowed for the Second Review.

* Single asterisks

The single asterisk in the Filter View denotes instances in which the bill count for a claims administrator makes up less than 1% of total filtered bill submissions. In cases like this, the sample size is too small to be of statistical significance. If you have a question about a particular claims administrator, please contact us – we’d be happy to share our data directly.

Bill Volume Percent

The Bill Volume Percent changes to reflect a percentage of only those bills captured by the current filter view.

Finally, we should note that we’ve published this data for informational purposes only. It only represents days to payment data for bills submitted through our e-Billing software, and should not be taken as gospel. Still, we encourage you to think of it as an informal barometer of performance and compliance going forward. Clients can use this data to compare their results to those of the average DaisyBiller; non-clients can use it to get a quick idea of how fast e-billing really is. Now go get to it.

Want to learn more about e-billing for California workers’ comp? We’re hosting a webinar in May devoted to e-Billing, and we’ll share eye-popping data on compliance, time to payment, and more.

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