El Super Markets Replaces York Risk Services Group

El Super Markets Replaces York Risk Services Group

DaisyBill tracks California claims administrators and their respective clients to ensure that electronic bills are consistently routed to the correct payer for processing.

Bodega Latina Corporation DBA El Super

Effective February 1, 2019, Mexican supermarket chain El Super replaced York Risk Services Group with Hazelrigg Claims Management Services.

Important billing information related to this change in claims administrators:

  • Hazelrigg is keeping the existing claim numbers.
  • Bill review is handled by Hazelrigg in-house.
  • All Second Review appeals are handled by Hazelrigg, irrespective of whether York handled the original bill.

Hazelrigg Change Should Mean Faster Payments for Providers

DaisyBill  Average Working Days to Payment statistics indicate that bills submitted to York in 2018 were processed, on average, in 16.8 days, whereas Hazelrigg processed 2018 bills in 12.9 days.


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