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FYI: Fresno County Changes TPA

January 4, 2018 by Catherine Montgomery

Effective January 1, the employer County of Fresno transferred all claims from third-party administrator (TPA) Risico Claims Management, Inc. to Acclamation Insurance Management Services (AIMS). The change applies to all dates of service.  All claims transferred to AIMS retain the same claim numbers used under Risico.

In December, Risico sent providers a letter announcing the switch. Providers can address any inquiries regarding the transition or affected claims to AIMS by calling (559) 227-9972.


Any improperly reimbursed bills originally sent to Risico should be second reviewed and sent directly to AIMS, not Risico. AIMS is now responsible for all County of Fresno bills formerly assigned to Risico for all dates of service.

For DaisyBillers all updates have been made automatically and no action needs to be taken.

We’ll keep readers updated on any further developments regarding this transition, as well as any other payor transfers.


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