Glitch at York Risk May Delay Bill Payment

Glitch at York Risk May Delay Bill Payment

Technical problems at third-party administrator York Risk Services left roughly 15,000 bills unprocessed. The error was discovered and resolved by York’s in-house bill review, which is currently processing the affected bills. According to York representatives, it may take up to 30 days from their discovery of the glitch to complete the processing.

The glitch affected bills submitted by providers between October 27, 2017, and November 15, 2017.

York confirmed receipt of the affected bills, though the bills were not processed or paid. According to York representatives, York’s IT department resolved the glitch and began the bill processing on December 21st. York expects the bills to be fully processed within 30 days of that date.

Naturally, this error may result in late bill payments. For any bills submitted to York between October 27 and November 15 that remain unpaid, providers should contact York to ensure full processing and payment. For DaisyBillers, our Billing Software will automatically generate Overdue Payment tasks to encourage follow up.

Self-executing penalties and interest apply to any bills paid after the mandated 45-day payment deadline.

Billing can be better. DaisyBill offers a full suite of work comp billing tools, making authorization, bill submission, second review appeals a snap. Schedule a free demonstration of DaisyBill’s Billing Software today, and see how much easier work comp can be.


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