In Case You Missed It: United Airlines Changes TPA

In Case You Missed It: United Airlines Changes TPA

Self-insured employer United Airlines recently transferred workers’ compensation claims from Gallagher Bassett to a new third-party administrator. Sedgwick Claims Management, Inc. now handles claims for the airline. The switch became effective October 1.

Sedgwick is now responsible for all of Gallagher Bassett’s former claims for all dates of service. According to a Sedgwick representative, all claim numbers originally assigned by Gallagher Bassett will remain the same at Sedgwick, and reportedly, the Gallagher Bassett claim numbers should be searchable in Sedgwick’s database.

For United bills submitted prior to October 1st, providers should submit any and all appeals directly to Sedgwick, even if the original bill was submitted to Gallagher Bassett. DaisyBill clients will use our established electronic route to Sedgwick for original bill submissions and appeals.

Gallagher Bassett informed patients and providers of the change via letter in September. The letter included details regarding the transition, instructions for addressing questions to Gallagher Bassett, and contact information to direct future correspondence to Sedgwick offices.

Providers with inquiries should contact Sedgwick at 844-717-2579. As always, we’ll keep our readers updated with any further changes.

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