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Macy’s Changes Bill Review; Sedgwick Error Causes Bill Rejections

March 22, 2018 by Catherine Montgomery

Self-insured employer Macy’s no longer utilizes EK Health Bill Review. Effective March 3, 2018, Macy’s switched to Sedgwick Claims Management Services National Bill Review.

Sedgwick provided new electronic payor ID numbers for Macy’s and its affiliated stores, but those ID numbers ultimately proved incorrect. DaisyBill investigated and secured the correct ID from Sedgwick’s clearinghouse, Optum.

Providers must submit electronic bills for Macy’s employees to Sedgwick Bill Review using a single payor ID number for Macy’s and all its affiliates, including Bloomingdale’s and Blue Mercury.

Originally, in advance of the bill review change, Sedgwick issued a letter to providers with incorrect instructions to use four different payor ID’s based on the Macy’s or Macy’s-affiliated store location. These payor IDs, however, resulted in erroneous electronic bill rejections.

The incorrect bill rejections prompted DaisyBill to contact Optum, Sedgwick’s designated clearinghouse.  Optum confirmed that the Sedgwick-provided ID’s were incorrect and established a (single) new payor ID number for electronic bills submitted to Macy’s. DaisyBill updated our electronic billing routes accordingly.

Providers with any questions about the change or the payor ID may direct their enquiries to Sedgwick Claims Management Services at (866)-495-7844.


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