Magna Carta - Bills Not Processed

Magna Carta - Bills Not Processed

Providers, be aware that Magna Carta Companies (formerly PSM) ended its relationship with its bill review service, CorVel. More importantly, Magna Carta is not responding to requests for information as to where providers can send workers’ comp bills.

Given the radio silence and Magna Carta’s apparent recent turmoil, providers should reconsider seeing Magna Carta-insured patients until further notice.

Following Magna Carta’s termination of the relationship, CorVel disabled the electronic connection to Magna Carta effective June 10, 2019. DaisyBill reached out to Magna Carta, leaving multiple messages via phone and email, but we have received no response to date.  

Providers in the Dark

DaisyBill reached out to CorVel after CorVel listed the Magna Carta payer ID as “disabled.” According to CorVel representatives, on June 10 Magna Carta notified CorVel that the latter’s bill review services were no longer needed. CorVel then established June 17 as the date of final termination.

Magna Carta provided no additional information to CorVel. This leaves providers and their billing agents in the dark as to where to send Magna Carta bills. If Magna Carta designated a new bill review service, they failed to let providers know — and now refuse to communicate.

Our attempts to reach Magna Carta on behalf of providers include the following:

  • June 10: A DaisyBill Compliance Associate left a voicemail with Magna Carta’s workers’ comp claims department, specifically requesting information regarding bill review and the designated destination for Magna Carter workers’ comp bills.
  • June 11: A DaisyBill Compliance Associate sent an email to Magna Carta’s workers’ comp claims department requesting the same information noted above.
  • June 18: A DaisyBill Compliance Associate left a second voicemail with Magna Carta’s workers’ comp claims department, requesting a response and reiterating the requests above.
  • June 19: A DaisyBill Compliance Associate sent a second email to Magna Carta, requesting a response.
  • June 27: A DaisyBill Compliance Associate left a third voicemail and third email with Magna Carta, requesting a response.

As of this writing, we have heard nothing from Magna Carta.

Since 2012, California workers’ comp regulations require claims administrators to accept electronic bills from providers. Failure to provide a destination for electronic bills amounts to blatant non-compliance with this rule. If Magna Carta intends to continue providing workers’ comp services, they must fulfill mandated responsibilities and communicate with providers.

If Magna Carta’s recent troubles make it impossible for the insurance company to meet its obligations, the least they can do is inform providers. Until Magna Carta offers answers, providers would be well advised to avoid dealings with this company.


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