One Beacon Switches Bill Review to Genex

One Beacon Switches Bill Review to Genex

Effective April 1, 2019, One Beacon Insurance Group changed the company that serves as its bill review to Genex.

One Beacon employs Jopari as its clearinghouse. Electronic bills are sent to Jopari using Payer ID 20621.

For bills sent by mail, reference the information contained on the website: One Beacon: Medical Billing Addresses By State.

Additional contact information for One Beacon is also posted on the website: One Beacon: Contact Information

For bills submitted in 2018 by DaisyBill clients, the average days to payment for One Beacon original bills equaled 11.3 business days, well below the required 15 working days for bills submitted electronically. Additionally, One Beacon processed Second Reviews, on average, in 12.5 days, also below the required 14 calendar days.  

We will monitor One Beacon to see if the switch to Genex has a deleterious impact on One Beacon’s compliance with California requirements.

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