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Physicians: Take the CMA Work Comp Survey, It's Important to All of Us

Have something to say about California’s work comp reforms? Here’s your chance to say it.

The good people over at the California Medical Association are conducting a survey of physicians to look into the effect of California’s work comp reforms.

These reforms have included implementation of the IMR and IBR processes, and adoption of the RBRVS-based fee schedule. Whether you love, hate, or are neutral about the impact of these reforms, please take the CMA’s survey here. It’s available through December 4th, and the CMA promises that it’s short.

Here at DaisyBill, we’re urging all our physician clients to take the survey and get their voices heard. The responses will help the CMA assess how the reforms are working and how it can best work on your behalf.

We would take the survey ourselves, but there’s the whole medical school thing...

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