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South San Francisco, Marin County Change TPAs

Two municipal employers in California switched third-party administrators (TPAs). Both the City of South San Francisco and the County of Marin transferred claims from TriStar Insurance to Athens Administrators.

The change is effective July 1, 2019, and affects claims for all dates of service. Claim numbers will not change.

Billing for City of South San Francisco and County of Marin

Providers treating employees of both South San Francisco and Marin County must submit original bills for all dates of service to Athens. Providers must also submit all Second Review appeals to Athens, even if TriStar received the original bill.

Athens will adopt the claims numbers assigned by TrisStar; no need to contact Athens for new claim numbers.

For electronic billing, providers should send bills to WorkCompEDI using the following payer IDs:

  • City of South San Francisco - LU525
  • County of Marin - LU527

For non-electronic billing, providers may send bills to:

Athens Administrators
PO Box 696
Concord, CA 94522

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