This Holiday, Remember Who Work Comp Affects

This Holiday, Remember Who Work Comp Affects

We write a lot about the struggles of workers’ comp professionals. As providers, payors and regulators navigate the deep weeds of rules, codes, conflicts, and everything else that makes work comp an obstacle course of migraine-inducing complications, it’s easy to forget that workers’ comp affects people. Workers’ comp exists to treat injured workers, people whose dependents can also suffer as a result of their injury.

Kids’ Chance California is an organization that awards scholarships to the children of injured workers. They’re a reminder that no matter how tough work comp work can be, losing the ability to work at all can have life-altering effects.

We believe that making workers’ comp billing and payment navigable is a worthy effort. When providers feel like treating injured workers is a threat to the sustainability of their business, everyone loses. That includes the injured worker, who may find themselves suddenly unable to support the people they’re really working for: their families.

Real human beings sustain serious injuries and even death on the job. Their families, besides having to cope with the suffering (or loss) of a loved one, may also have to deal with an unexpected loss of income, even a permanent financial setback that imperils their future.

Kids’ Chance California provides needs-based educational scholarships for those children of injured workers who may otherwise have no feasible path to the education — and the future — they deserve.

We’d like to encourage our readers to spread the word; make injured workers and their families aware that this resource exists.

If even one family benefits from information you provide, you’ll have made a substantive impact on people in need. And you’ll have fulfilled the ultimate mission of work comp: to mitigate the effects of workplace injury so that employers, workers, and their families can carry on.

Happy Holidays, from everyone at DaisyBill!

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