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CA Physician MUE Reimbursement Change as of 7/1/2019

Jun 25, 2019

In Newsline No.: 2019-46, the California Division of Workers’ Comp (DWC) announced changes to the Official Medical Fee Schedule for Physician Services / Non-Physician Practit...

CA DWC Revises OMFS Update, Resolves MUE/Acupuncture Confusion

Aug 3, 2018

A recently adopted Medicare Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) assigned a value of “0” to many common workers’ comp billing codes, including those for acupuncture services. Provid...

Acupuncture Remains Payable for CA Work Comp, Despite MUE

Jul 12, 2018

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a Medically Unlikely Edit (MUE) designating acupuncture billing codes 97810 through 97814 non-payable, ...

CA Physician Fee Schedule Update Adds New Billing Codes, NCCI Edits

Apr 4, 2018

A new order from the Administrative Director of California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) updates the Physician and Non-physician practitioner services portion of ...

CPT 97750 for Functional Capacity Exams: Medically Unlikely Edits

Mar 5, 2018

Providers sometimes run into trouble when billing Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Code 97750. Providers use this procedure code to bill for functional capacity exams, in...

A Guide To Medically Unlikely Edits For Workers’ Comp Bills

Jul 13, 2017

The DaisyBill Support Team recently received a billing question about procedure code J7321 for intra-articular injection. Our client billed for two units of J7321, and per th...

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