Numbers Don't Lie: Second Reviews Work

Numbers Don't Lie: Second Reviews Work

Still not convinced that Second Reviews work? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Over $11 million collected in Second Review payments by DaisyBill clients. 
  • $43,000 collected DAILY, from 6/15/2016 - 7/15/2016.

These Second Review payments reflect  just the appeals that DaisyBill clients submitted. As a reminder, for workers’ compensation medical bills, Second Reviews are the only way to appeal incorrect payments.

We’ve become big cheerleaders for Second Reviews because they work, and we want to spread the word.

Since we introduced our quick Second Review feature, every month DaisyBillers submit more and more Second Reviews.

In just the first half of 2016, DaisyBillers submitted 50, 762 Second Reviews.

We track everything related to these Second Reviews, including:

  • How much gets collected
  • Which claims administrators pay the most
  • How long payment takes

For example, the home screen for each client shows how much that particular DaisyBiller collected in additional Second Review payments, as well as the total for all DaisyBillers. The home screen also shows how much the top five claims administrators paid in Second Reviews.

So submit those Second Reviews! They work, they help your bottom line, and we’ll even show you how.

Whether or not you’re a DaisyBiller, our three great Second Review webinars show the best way to submit effective appeals. The webinars contain practical steps and specific instructions, as well as sample language.  Watch them for free through our Webinar Library.

Want more information on Second Review statistics? Contact us, we’re happy to share.

For easy SBRs, request a free demonstration of our Billing Software today.


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