Workflow for Second Bill Reviews for Work Comp

Workflow for Second Bill Reviews for Work Comp

Last week we gave a webinar on Second Bill Reviews (SBRs) for workers’ comp. We covered both the correct way to submit SBRs (for providers) and the compliant way to process SBRs (for claims administrators).

Although the regulations aren’t as gruesome as the ones for Requests for Authorization--which are just inhuman if you ask me--we continue to get lots of questions about SBRs from all segments of California’s work comp community.

So here’s a sort of cheat sheet for the many components of the SBR process: it shows the timelines, the triggering events, and the different types of SBRs. In addition, it notes the relevant subsections of DWC regulation, drawn from CCR § 9792.5.5.

In my next post, I’ll share some practice tips about how to effectively submit SBRs so as to collect every dollar due.

Read More About SBRs:

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