CA Workers' Comp: Navigating Billing for Allianz/FFIC

CA Workers' Comp: Navigating Billing for Allianz/FFIC

Effective May 1 of this year, insurers Allianz and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (FFIC) merged their payment systems for California workers’ comp to reflect Allianz’s 2015 acquisition of FFIC. As part of this transition, Allianz established two new electronic billing payor IDs for all claims, including those claims formerly administered by FFIC.

For electronic billing, Allianz and FFIC previously used two separate payor IDs. Effective May 1, 2018 Allianz continues to use two payor IDs; the correct choice of payor ID is dependent on the Date of Injury (DOI) for the claim in question.

Payor ID Confusion

Claims administrators use payor IDs to ensure that each bill is assigned to the correct payor. Needless to say, using the correct payor ID is crucial to obtaining reimbursement.

Until May 1, 2018, Allianz and FFIC each maintained separate electronic billing payor IDs with their common clearinghouse, Jopari. Just as both insurers utilized Jopari, Allianz and FFIC also utilized First Health as their common bill review for all claims.

Starting on May 1, Allianz reorganized and now diverts California workers’ comp claims to one of two Allianz subdivisions. Jopari remains the clearinghouse for all Allianz claims, for all dates of service. However, the Jopari payor ID differs depending on whether the claim is handled by Allianz Resolution Management or Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (ACGS).

Providers should submit all bills, inquiries, and requests for second review appeals to Allianz, including those that were formerly under the purview of FFIC as follows:

  • Allianz Resolution Management handles all claims with DOI before January 1, 2013. Bill review Paladin Managed Care Services processes all bills for said claims.
  • Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (ACGS) handles all claims with DOI on or after January 1, 2013. First Health conducts bill review for these claims.

DaisyBill Providers Billing Allianz

For DaisyBill clients, we’ve made things easy in the Billing Software app. We established two payors under the claims administrator Allianz, and named them “Dates of Injury BEFORE 1/1/2013” and “Dates of Injury ON or AFTER 1/1/2013.”

Our billing software also recognizes the names of the Allianz subdivisions, Allianz Resolution Management and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty. A search for either of these names will direct the user to the appropriate DOI-based payor.

On our Injury Page, providers should select Allianz as the Claims Administrator, and select the appropriate Payer based on the DOI.

Our goal is to make workers’ comp billing and payment as easy as possible. That’s why our Billing Software takes care of everything from RFAs to Original Bills to Second Review Appeals quickly, correctly, and without all the hassle. Schedule a free demonstration today.


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