Concise Electronic Billing Workflow

Concise Electronic Billing Workflow

We gave a webinar today about electronic billing for CA workers' comp.  It covered exactly how electronic billing works, as well as the various responsibilities of providers and claims administrators. We really enjoyed putting this webinar together (because we live and breathe electronic billing), and I thought it'd be great to share some of the workflows that we showed on the webinar.

Here's the first of them, a concise workflow for an original electronic bill.  This workflow shows the basics: timeline, terms, and progression.

Note the movement of a typical electronic bill.  It goes from provider to provider's electronic billing agent (in this case it's DaisyBill) to claims administrator's electronic billing agent to claims administrator, then the electronic EOR goes back to DaisyBill.workflow of original bills

For more information on electronic billing, visit the Webinar Library:


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