The Hartford: Hurray for Responsible Claims Administrators

The Hartford: Hurray for Responsible Claims Administrators

I complain a lot — there’s a lot to complain about — but that’s because a malfunctioning work comp system hurts workers, employers, providers, insurers and, yes, even taxpayers. So I’m really happy to be able to recognize the great people over at The Hartford.

We recently had an issue with The Hartford’s electronic agent, StoneRiver p2p Link.  It was incorrectly rejecting compliant and complete Second Bill Reviews (SBRs) sent to The Hartford by providers using DaisyBill.  When contacted, The Hartford efficiently tracked down the problem, quickly implemented a fix, and generally behaved the way that we wish every claims admin and insurer would behave.  And, they responded to us quickly and kept us in the loop with timely and informative updates.  

Another thing I’d like to applaud is that, unlike others, The Hartford took responsibility for their adherence error and didn’t require DaisyBill to jump through multiple hoops to accommodate something that was happening on their end.  The Hartford let us know that they were taking care of things and that we didn’t need to do anything further to get the SBRs processed.  Now that’s what I call good, responsible claims processing!

If you have a story about a great claims administrator or insurer, let me know, as I love to acknowledge the good actors in workers’ compensation.

Which reminds me: a big shout out to the very helpful Tina G. in The Hartford’s WC Bill Review department! She’s amazing!

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