Crum & Forster Switches Bill Review Vendor

According to a notice received from Crum and Forster, the insurer is no longer using Corvel for processing medical bills.

Effective 4/24/2019, Conduent will be handling all Crum & Forster bill review processing.

CorVel’s bill review confirmed that all dates of service and Second Review appeals should be sent to Conduent even when the original bill was submitted to CorVel.

Crum & Forster indicated claim numbers will remain the same and verified the new bill mailing address as follows:

Crum & Forster
PO Box 14801
Lexington, KY 40512

For electronic billing, the designated clearinghouse for Crum & Forster is WorkComp EDI. According to the clearinghouse, the Payer ID is WC153.

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