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DaisyBill Partners with CMA for Webinars on Beginning Work Comp Billing

May 19, 2014 by Catherine Montgomery

DaisyBill has partnered with the California Medical Association (CMA) to offer a free webinar series to providers and their staff on beginning work comp billing. The third in the series will take place tomorrow, May 20 from 12:15-1pm PST. Providers can register through CMA.

Recordings of the first two webinars can be viewed on-demand for free on the CMA website:

Workers' Compensation Basics Part 1: Don't Be Afraid of Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Basics Part 2: Being Prepared Means Being Paid for Workers' Compensation Treatment

The third will be available for on-demand viewing shortly.

Originally published on Petal to the Metal and migrated to this blog upon the merger of the two blogs.

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