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E-Billing in a Nutshell

April 19, 2014 by Catherine Montgomery


  • The e-billing mandate is a statute that's in the Labor Code, as Title 8 of CCR: Sections 9792.5.1(b), 9792.5.2(c) and 9792.5.3(b).

  • In effect since October, 2012.

  • Requires insurers to accept electronic bills from providers who treat workers' comp patients.

  • Requires insurers to electronically process those e-bills and send out electronic EORs.

  • Shortened timelines for processing and payment of e-bills.


  • Compared to paper bills, electronic bills are faster, more easily processed, and more easily tracked.
  • More efficient system for providers, insurers, and regulators than paper billing.
  • Lower costs of administration for everybody.
  • Results in more providers willing to treat injured workers.
  • Transparent system, with easy, instant data about how bills are being sent, paid, and processed.
  • Provides actionable data upon which to base regulatory decisions.

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