Huntington Hospital & City of Beverly Hills Change TPAs

Huntington Hospital & City of Beverly Hills Change TPAs

Attention providers: two California employers switched third-party administrators (TPAs).

  • Huntington Hospital transferred claims from Sedgwick to Athens
  • City of Beverly Hills transferred claims from Athens to CorVel

These changes are effective September 1, 2019, and affect claims for all dates of service for both employers.

Billing for Huntington Hospital

Providers treating employees of Huntington Hospital must submit original bills to Athens for all dates of service. Providers must also submit all Second Review appeals to Athens, even if Sedgwick received the original bill.

Athens will keep the claim numbers assigned by Sedgwick; no need to contact Athens for new claim numbers.

For electronic billing, providers should send bills to WorkCompEDI using Payer ID LU528.

For non-electronic billing, providers may send bills to:

Athens Administrators
PO Box 696
Concord, CA 94522

Billing for City of Beverly Hills

Providers must submit original bills for all dates of service to CorVel. Providers must also submit all Second Review appeals to CorVel, even if Athens received the original bill.

IMPORTANT ALERT: CorVel will NOT use Athens claim numbers. Instead, CorVel is assigning new claim numbers to all existing injuries.

CorVel does not know the claim number assigned by Athens to existing injuries and therefore cannot match an old Athens claim number to its new claim number.

Providers treating City of Beverly Hills employees must call CorVel for the newly assigned claim number, at (888) 726-7835.

Best Practice Billing Tip: When speaking with CorVel, confirm that your records reflect the correct critical demographic and injury information as follows:

  1. Injured Worker
  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Social Security Number
  1. Injury Start Date

Bonus Tip: All City of Beverly Hills claims follow an 18-character-length CorVel claim number pattern as follows: 1388-WC-XX-XXXXXXX.

To send bills electronically, use CorVel Payer ID E1888.

To send bills non-electronically:

CorVel Corporation
PO Box 6966
Portland, OR 97228

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