Second Review: CA Providers Recovered $21M in 2023

Second Review: CA Providers Recovered $21M in 2023

The 2023 data are in — California daisyBill providers collectively recovered over $21 million by submitting Second Review appeals to dispute incorrect reimbursement denials or reductions.

Since 2013, daisyBill providers have submitted over 1.5 million Second Review appeals, collecting $127,776,334 in additional revenue.

See the 2023 Second Review data below. While the revenue recovered is good news, these data are also a reminder to all California providers, daisyBill clients or not: review practice workflows to ensure that improper denials or adjustments of workers’ comp payments are consistently appealed.

2023 CA Second Review Appeal Data - daisyBill Providers

In 2023, daisyBill providers submitted over 225,000 Second Review appeals to dispute incorrect workers’ comp payments and denials.

California providers appealed over 10% of their bills and recovered, on average, $96.38 in additional revenue per bill.

2023 CA Second Review Appeals

Second Review Appeals Count


Percent of Original Bills Providers Sent Second Review Appeals


Total Payment Collected from Second Review Appeals


Average Amount Paid per Second Review Appeal


To protect a practice financially, it should be standard protocol to check workers’ comp payments received against applicable fee schedules and always appeal when warranted.

To dispute an incorrect reimbursement or denial, California providers must submit a Second Review appeal within 90 days of receiving the Explanation of Review (EOR). The Second Review appeal must comply with the following state requirements:

  • Submit the Second Review appeal using the DWC Form SBR-1.
  • Submit the Second Review appeal using the same delivery method (i.e., paper or electronic) as the original bill.
  • Include all relevant supporting documents.

To ensure that providers know when to submit a Second Review appeal (and to speed up the process), daisyBill software does the heavy lifting. From alerting the provider to populating the SBR-1 and submitting the appeal, technology can facilitate compliant appeals in seconds.

See the short video below to learn more about California Second Review appeals and keep your practice from falling prey to claims administrators’ payment errors.

Incorrect denials and adjustments will always happen. But with the right tools, it’s easy to dispute and collect the revenue you are owed for treating injured workers.

daisyBill makes treating injured workers easier, faster, and less costly. Schedule a free demonstration below.



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