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The No-Panic Guide to ICD-10

September 22, 2015 by Catherine Montgomery

The ICD-10 effective date is only 9 days away! Here’s what you need to know:

Be Prepared

As of October 1, all health care provider billing, including California workers’ compensation billing, must comply with ICD-10 standards and regulations. Specifically, providers and claims administrators must use ICD-10 code sets for dates of service or discharge that are on or after October 1.

We at DaisyBill have done a lot of work to make the transition to ICD-10 as seamless as possible for our clients, including adding new features that minimize the time DaisyBillers spend updating their systems. We’ve pored over every word and regulation of ICD-10 that affects California’s workers’ comp billing.

Specifics about ICD-10 implementation and how it affects workers’ comp are also notably scarce: The Department of Workers’ Compensation Medical Billing and Payment Guide has exactly two pages (out of total of 123) devoted to ICD-10.

Pages 6 and 7 boil down to the following three sentences:

  1. Section 3.1.0: If an ICD code is required, providers must use the proper code based on date of service or date of discharge.
  2. Section 3.1.1: Each bill can only use one set of ICD codes; a bill cannot contain a mixture of ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes.
  3. Section 3.2.1: Hospital codes for dates of service or discharge on or after October 1 shall be in accordance with a long list of ICD-10-related documents.

That’s it—the sum total of what the DWC has to say (so far) about ICD-10.

There are also a number of pending unadopted proposed regulations, which can be reviewed here: DWC ICD-10 Regulations.

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