Webinar: Are PPOs Pillaging Your Practice?

Webinar: Are PPOs Pillaging Your Practice?

The live webinar has ended; stay tuned to this space for access to the video replay.

Throughout the United States, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are taking massive cuts from reimbursements for treating injured workers, making workers’ comp less sustainable for providers.

Worse, many providers do not realize how much revenue PPO discounts are stripping from their practice — one procedure code at a time.

Nationwide, providers are increasingly alarmed by the effects of PPO discounts. In our upcoming free, live webinar, daisyBill cofounder Sarah Moray will share examples from California practices to show:

  • How damaging PPO discounts can be
  • How wildly PPO discounts can vary, even for the same practice and procedure
  • How e-billing software can keep track of what your practice is losing

And of course, we’ll take time to answer your questions.

PPO Plunder: Is Your Practice Being Pillaged?
A free, live workshop with daisyBill cofounder Sarah Moray
March 21, 2023 1 PM PT

PPO Plunder - Making Workers’ Comp Unsustainable

Once a doctor signs even a single PPO discount contract, Pandora’s box is open — and the results are arguably not worth the (often steep) price. The complex networks of PPOs, claims administrators, bill reviews, and other entities are nearly impossible to keep track of.

Leasing, selling, and transferring of PPO discounts between different entities (which often utilize sophisticated tools to find the lowest price for a given service) is rampant, and can quickly make revenue management a nightmare for the practice.

The good news: technology can identify and assess the damage.

Your practice may be bleeding revenue due to PPO discount agreements of which no one in your office is even aware. In fact, inquiries by daisyBill have revealed instances where even the claims administrator cannot furnish proof of the provider’s agreement to a given discount contract.

In other words, PPO discounts are like poisonous mushrooms: they thrive and multiply in the dark. However, thanks to the data management enabled by e-billing, we can now see a clear, accurate picture of how PPOs impact a given practice.

In our webinar, providers and staff can learn how to:

  • Identify the PPO discounts reducing your reimbursements
  • Understand how claims administrators use a variety of PPO discounts to reduce reimbursements
  • Calculate the reduction taken by PPOs as a percentage of the state fee schedule
  • Determine the actual amounts paid as a percentage of the Medicare allowances for the same procedures
  • Take action to contact PPO entities and demand proof of a signed contract, when a PPO discount may be erroneous or false

Learn how PPOs (really) work, and what you can do to accurately, efficiently track and manage practice revenue.

Workers’ comp can work for providers. daisyBill software, data, and expertise makes billing easier, faster, and less costly. Request a free demonstration below.


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