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  • June 15, 2018

    Clearinghouses Under the Microscope: CorVel Corporation

    Most claims administrators lack the technology to process electronic bills from providers. Instead, these claims administrators rely on clearinghouses. Since DaisyBill has direct access to all 5 California clearinghouses, we’re uniquely qualified to evaluate and compare the performances of each. With this series, we take a look at the value each clearinghouse adds to (or subtracts from) workers’ comp.

    To kick this clearinghouse series off, we’ll start with the most efficient kind of clearinghouse: no clearinghouse at all.

    Corvel Corporation is not a clearinghouse, per se. But CorVel is something even more important: a claims administrator that essentially functions as its own clearinghouse, directly accepting and processing providers’ e-bills. This vastly reduces complications and potential friction for providers and employers, both of whom benefit from CorVel’s integrated approach.

    We applaud any time a claims administrator’s practices make things simpler for all concerned. By taking on the duties of a clearinghouse, CorVel sets a new standard of efficiency.


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  • November 3, 2017

    Why Work Comp e-Bills Require Multiple Clearinghouses

    Here’s a question we often get: “Our office sends our electronic bills to a clearinghouse. Why do so many of them never reach the insurance carrier?”

    Clearinghouses claim to scrub and electronically submit bills to all payors, theoretically making them easy to pay. In reality, clearinghouses often mismanage e-bill delivery, resulting in delayed or outright lost bills. We know this first-hand — not only do we hear constant “lost bill” stories from providers, we’ve had our own bad experience.

    This post is a cautionary tale about how providers cannot rely on a single clearinghouse.

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  • September 8, 2017

    Clearinghouse Makes False Claims About E-Billing

    Multiple providers allege that a major clearinghouse fed them inaccurate information about electronic billing in California. According to these providers, the clearinghouse in question insists that many claims administrators do not accept e-billing for worker’s comp, necessitating paper bills. In truth, every major claims administrator in California does, in fact, accept e-bills.

    This casts serious suspicion on the clearinghouse’s motives.

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