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California Specific Work Comp Codes

As providers still billing on paper begin to receive payments for their January 2014 dates of service, we’re receiving inquiries about the California specific codes that became effective 1/1/14.

These codes were created by the DWC for services for which there are no appropriate CPT or HCPCS, such as a PR-2 report.

Below, we’ve created a cheat sheet outlining each of the 12 California specific codes with their associated reimbursement.

While the reimbursement for these codes does not change with updates to the conversion factor or update table they will be updated annually “in accordance with the Medicare Economic Index” (§ 9789.12.14) regulations.

The DaisyBill Calculator includes California specific work comp codes to ensure accurate fee calculation. Sign up now and instantly start calculating reimbursements quickly and easily.

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Originally published on Petal to the Metal and migrated to this blog upon the merger of the two blogs.

Edited 1-13-16: added DaisyBill Calculator sign-up button.

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