County of Ventura Heads For York

County of Ventura Heads For York

Late last week, DaisyBill learned that the County of Ventura severed its alliance with CorVel, opting instead to partner with York as of May 1, 2017. The DaisyBill compliance team reached out to York, CorVel, and the County of Ventura for details. All three entities confirmed the change. We also learned something else: York will be changing the claim numbers for all County of Ventura bills with dates of service prior to May 1, 2017.

York is currently in the process of converting old CorVel claim numbers to new York claim numbers for all dates of service prior to May 1.  After the transition is completed, York will be able to process Second Bill Reviews for County of Ventura Original Bills that had previously been submitted to CorVel. We were assured by a York representative that the old CorVel claims numbers would eventually be searchable in York’s claim number system. In the meantime, exercise patience – as of last Friday, no CorVel claim numbers were searchable in York’s system and no timeline for this transition was immediately apparent.

At present, York is not able to accept e-billing for County of Ventura. Rather, bills may be submitted by fax to (800) 393-8104. The bill mailing address is PO Box 183188 Columbus, OH 43218, but a York representative cautioned us that all mail sent to that address will be scanned by a third party and e-faxed back to York. Until we’re able to establish a direct e-billing connection, DaisyBill will automatically route bills by fax.

‘Tis the season for bill review shakeups – this news comes on the heels of the City of Los Angeles dropping Stratacare in favor of Medata. As was the case with that transition, our data reveals a clear reason why such a change was needed. Under CorVel, the County of Ventura failed to remit a single electronic Explanation of Review (EOR) throughout 2016.

We’re eager to see whether York is able to help the County of Ventura’s electronic EOR remittance compliance once their e-billing connection is operational. Stay tuned – we’ll post updates in this space as needed.

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Image credited to Jerrye and Roy Klotz MD, Old County Courthouse of Ventura, CA, CC BY-SA 3.0

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