e-Billing 'Webinette' Replay & Slides Available!

e-Billing 'Webinette' Replay & Slides Available!

How does e-billing software get workers’ comp bills and documents to the payer? How fast can a practice get paid with e-billing? What the heck does a clearinghouse do, and why do they lose my e-bills?

We answered those questions — and several more from our audience — at our recent 15-minute lesson (plus Q&A): Workers’ Comp e-Billing Works!

You can now download the presentation slideshow and stream the recording of the live event.

Workers’ Comp e-Billing Mysteries Solved

There’s no doubt that e-billing works extremely well for workers’ comp — but plenty of confusion regarding how it works.

This has led many providers to give up on e-billing, after failed attempts to adopt it using technology developed for private insurance or Medicare billing.

Most confusing of all may be the role of clearinghouses. Clearinghouse confusion is responsible for most “lost” or misdelivered workers’ comp e-bills — stick around to the end of the webinar for a thorough (but brief!) breakdown of this issue.

The lesson and Q&A combined totals less than 25 minutes. So if you weren’t able to join us live, take half an hour and make yourself a workers’ comp e-billing expert!


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