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How Do I Keep Track of Fee Schedules?

We wish we had a better answer for this other than the one we're going to give you which is how we keep track:

We have one entire staff member whose full time job it is to keep up to date on the legislation and fee schedule changes. We know you don't have the staff to devote to that position, so we’re here to help.

You can check for major fee schedule changes here on this very blog.  We'll also let you know about major changes via Twitter, Facebook, our blog, LinkedIn and sometimes, by email, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list.  But, some fee schedules update weekly, like the pharmacy fee schedule, and we don't promote those changes.  You can always check with the DWC yourself.  They also have a Twitter (but no Facebook or LinkedIn!)

In 2013 alone the six fee schedules that comprise RBRVS were updated as follows:

  1. CMS RVUs - 2013: CMS updated 5 times
  2. DMEPOS - 2013: DWC updated 4 times
  3. Pharmacy - Updates weekly: Wednesdays
  4. Pathology/Lab - 2013: DWC updated 1 time
  5. Medi-Cal - Updates monthly: 15th of month
  6. California-Specific - Updates annually

Finally, because we keep up with all changing fee schedules, you can always sign up for the DaisyBill OMFS Calculator. The DaisyBill calculator is automatically updated with new fee schedule changes, making it a snap to calculate the new reimbursements. Fee schedule amounts are calculated by date of service so you can be sure to have the proper calculations.

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Do you have advice on how to keep it all straight?  Share it with us in the comments!

Originally published on Petal to the Metal and migrated to this blog upon the merger of the two blogs.

Edited 11-6-15