Opyn Is Clozed: Network Quits Workers' Comp

Opyn Is Clozed: Network Quits Workers' Comp

Opyn, a medical provider network (and daisyBill client) that matches injured workers to providers based on various factors including price and availability, is out of the workers’ comp game effective November 17, 2023.

The Opyn Market Board of Directors announced its decision “to suspend the operations of the Workers’ Compensation division of the company” to focus on expanding its group health products.

Opyn Drops Workers’ Comp

Opyn’s founding premise is to use technology to match providers and patients, including injured workers, quickly. According to the company’s website, Opyn’s “Smart Match” system finds providers to deliver authorized services by identifying the best combination of “earliest appointment, price, distance, and payor preferences.”

Opyn subsequently sends bills to the claims administrator on the provider’s behalf (using daisyBill, until now).

Opyn will continue applying its technology to the group health insurance market. But as of November 17, the company apparently does not see a way forward in the quest to facilitate more efficient care of injured workers.

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Lisa W.

The update about Opyn is very telling. Though one never knows all of the variables considered behind boardroom doors, I'd love to hear their take on the MPN problems repeatedly identified by Daisy Bill. Maybe they found it hard to match injured workers with providers because employers' MPNs are a total s**t show.

P.S. Their website has not yet been updated to remove all of the references to Workers' Comp.

Published 03:57PM December 5, 2023
marco quicho

When will OPYN start paying providers for the unpaid date-of-services prior to 11/17/2023 closing?

Published 11:03AM March 20, 2024
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