RFA: What's the Fax Number? daisyAuth Knows

RFA: What's the Fax Number? daisyAuth Knows

They don’t make it easy to treat injured workers in California.

To receive payment, a provider must obtain permission from the employer or insurer for all treatment rendered to an injured worker. How? By faxing the mandatory Request For Authorization (RFA) form to the claims administrator.

Furthermore, with every bill, the provider must submit the Utilization Review (UR) decision documentation sent by the claims administrator as proof of authorization.

To that end, we’ve made it way (waaaaaaay) easier to submit the RFA form using the correct fax number for the claims administrator. With over 200 California claims administrators in our database, daisyAuth software helps ensure RFAs get to the right place.

Continuing our series on easy authorization, the brief video below shows how we cut the time and aggravation out of finding and managing RFA fax numbers.

Video: The Right RFA Fax Number, Every Time

daisyAuth technology manages the many, many fax numbers claims administrators use to receive RFAs from providers.

With hundreds of fax numbers in our system, daisyAuth knows exactly where each RFA should go. And if your office has a different fax number for the claims administrator than what daisyAuth provides, it only takes seconds to add and save the alternative fax number for future RFAs.

And yes, daisyAuth has you covered regardless of whether the claims administrator requires you to use:

  • A central RFA processing fax number
  • The adjustor’s fax number
  • The fax number for a specific claims management location

daisyAuth also includes the pertinent claims administrator telephone numbers if you need to reach out to obtain a certain adjuster’s name or fax number or any other RFA information.

Even better: daisyAuth saves a Fax Receipt for each RFA, which documents the fax number used to transmit each RFA for the injury.

With the right technology and data, your practice can treat injured workers without excessive administrative costs. daisyAuth is proof!

Ready for 30-second RFA submission and automatically tracked UR decisions? Request a free daisyAuth demo below!


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