RFA: How Technology Can Document UR Decisions

RFA: How Technology Can Document UR Decisions

For providers, workers’ comp’s biggest challenges are obtaining authorization for treatment, and getting paid for providing the authorized treatment.

Both challenges require proof of authorization for every treatment rendered to an injured worker — in the form of a documented Utilization Review (UR) decision.

Submitting RFAs and managing UR decisions is a mandatory, unreimbursed financial burden assumed by doctors who choose to treat injured workers. But technology can help reduce that burden in a big way.

Below, see a short video showing how daisyAuth uses technology to function as a UR decision manager for every injured worker — guaranteeing providers are never more than a click or two away from the information (and documentation) needed to secure payment.

daisyAuth UR Decision Management

Providers must include the UR decision authorizing every treatment rendered with every bill (assuming the provider wants to be reimbursed, that is).

But with multiple Requests for Authorization (RFAs) and UR decisions across various patients and injuries, it’s easy to get “lost in the sauce.” It also doesn’t help that sometimes, claims administrators fail to respond to provider RFAs in a timely manner (or at all).

Enter daisyAuth, which keeps track of every UR decision delivered or pending from the claims administrator.

As the video above shows, for every injury worker, daisyAuth provides an RFA and UR Decision summary. This summary shows two critical details:

  • The total count of RFAs the provider faxed to the claims administrator for the injury
  • The counts of UR decisions from the claims administrator approving, denying, or modifying the treatments requested in those RFAs

For each requested treatment on an RFA, daisyAuth lists the pertinent details regarding the UR decision status, including:

  • Sent (faxed) date for the RFA listing the treatment
  • UR decision due date, as mandated by California regulations
  • UR decision receipt date
  • UR decision for the treatment

daisyAuth makes RFA and UR decision management easier, and therefore less costly for your practice.

Save the time and hassle necessary to manually manage UR decisions, and your practice will have no doubts about authorization when it’s time to bill — and neither should the payer.

Authorization is the first hurdle in the workers’ comp obstacle course. Enjoy 30-second RFA submission and auto-tracked UR decisions — request a free daisyAuth demo below!


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