Travelers' e-Bills: Jopari Direct Connection

Travelers' e-Bills: Jopari Direct Connection

Good news for California workers’ comp providers electronically billing Travelers: the insurer has established a direct electronic connection with e-billing clearinghouse Jopari.

For providers, this should mean smoother electronic transactions with Travelers, particularly regarding electronic Explanations of Review (e-EORs). Beginning June 25, the Travelers/Jopari connection should provide the technical capacity for Travelers to consistently return timely, compliant e-EORs in response to provider e-bills.

Travelers → Jopari

Travelers and Jopari fired up their mutual direct connection on July 11.

Travelers new Jopari Payer ID is 19046.

As Travelers’ clearinghouse, Jopari:

  1. Accepts the provider’s e-bill on Travelers’ behalf.
  2. Returns 277 Acknowledgments to providers confirming Travelers’ receipt of the e-bill.
  3. Sends the electronic Explanation of Review (e-EOR) to the provider on Travelers’ behalf.

The direct electronic route between Travelers and Jopari will facilitate the process outlined above. Specifically, commencing July 25, we expect to see Travelers’ rate of sending timely, compliant e-EORs to reach full compliance.

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