City of Hayward Changes TPA

City of Hayward Changes TPA

Self-insured employers in California are apparently reconsidering their use of Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Acclamation Insurance Management Services (AIMS). Several employers have swapped AIMS for other TPAs this month. The latest: the City of Hayward.  

As of July 1, 2022 the City of Hayward utilizes LWP Claims Solutions to manage all municipal employees’ claims. Providers should note that claim numbers are changing with this switch; AIMs claim numbers no longer apply.

Yes, for every injury, you will need to contact LWP to obtain the new claim number. Below, providers can find the telephone number to call LWP.

City of Hayward: From AIMS to LWP

It is critical for self-insured employers to choose their TPA wisely. daisyBill helps self-insured employers with this choice by publishing California compliance data for all claims administrators, including LWP.

Prior to submitting a City of Hayward bill to LWP, we recommend that providers

  1. Contact LWP (916) 609-3600.
  2. Obtain the new LWP claim number, and
  3. Verify the patient demographics and injury date with LWP.

Providers should note that:

  • LWP uses the clearinghouse Data Dimensions to accept e-bills from providers.
  • Providers should submit all Second Review appeals for Hayward bills to LWP, including bills initially submitted to AIMS.

As noted above, the City of Hayward is among a list of self-insured public employers to split with AIMS this summer.

While we cannot comment on the reason AIMS is seemingly shedding clients, we strongly encourage California self-insured employers to thoughtfully consider their choice of TPA. A bad relationship between a TPA and providers, due to untimely payment or other non-compliance, can drive providers away from treating injured employees.

Employers, choose a TPA with a strong record of ensuring compliance on the employer’s behalf.

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