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Webinar Materials on Our FAQ

October 6, 2014 by Catherine Montgomery

I really love our webinars (and I’m not being at all biased). I think they impart a lot of really good useful information while helping everybody in the workers’ comp community understand what’s expected of providers, claims administrators, and clearinghouses.

However, we’ve resisted posting our slides and videos.  Our thinking was that the legislation, fee schedules, and methodologies change so frequently that sometimes the material is outdated within a few weeks or sooner.  We made the slides available only to our software subscribers because we keep our subscribers abreast of changes with internal in-app messages and, of course, we constantly update our various services, so there’s less chance of confusion.

That said, we’ve been getting an avalanche of requests for webinar slides and videos. I feel awful saying “no” all the time so we decided on a compromise.

We’ll start posting a lot of the material from the webinars in the FAQ section of our website. We’ll pull out the slides and information that you ask for most so that the information is available and accessible. At the same time, the FAQs will have posting dates so readers will have some sense of when we thought the information was relevant and useful.

I hope this is helpful.  And let us know which slides and webinar you want to see.


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