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Today is January 2, 2014 and yesterday RBRVS became effective.  We've been preparing for this day for weeks, months even!  We were ready to go with time to spare prior to the Christmas holiday!  

But then…

On the eve of December 23, 2013 the DWC announced changes to the regulations effective January 1, 2014; Seven days before they were to become effective.  The changes are not only major, there are many of them, and they do affect pricing calculations.  So, we're still working because we want everything to be perfect (and more importantly, correct!).

We are also attempting to reach out to claims administrators this week to make sure they know things have changed.  If they're not ready, no amount of preparedness we do will get your bills paid correctly so we're also taking the time to educate them.

Speaking of education, we've heard from a lot of you in the last two weeks.  Many spent your holidays learning the new calculations, figuring out how to bill for your reporting and trying to implement a process for how to get paid for record review.  We also worked tirelessly these last two weeks responding to your emails and phone calls and giving you all the advice and info we can on these subjects.  

What we found though is there are still a lot of unprepared, or under prepared providers and billers out there.  So we're again taking to the streets (ok, not the streets per se) but we are going to do more webinars this month.

Keep an eye out for calculator access next week and a webinar for providers on Tuesday, January 7 and claims admins on Thursday, January 9.

Keep Calm and Bill On,

The DaisyBill Team

Originally published on Petal to the Metal and migrated to this blog upon the merger of the two blogs.

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