Copy Services: Download New CA Fee Schedule

Copy Services: Download New CA Fee Schedule

An updated Copy Service Fee Schedule for California workers’ comp takes effect on July 15, 2022. The update substantially raises copy service rates, representing the first increase for copy service providers in seven years.

Below, download our handy guide to the new changes for your easy reference.

daisyBill has updated both our billing software and our daisyWizard Calculator, to reflect the new rates and billing codes. Further, for daisyBill clients, we will host a live webinar on 7/20/2022 to review both:

  • How to bill the new Contracted Rates codes, and
  • How to appeal incorrect reimbursements if a claims administrator fails to reimburse at the new rates

New CA Copy Service Rates Effective July 15, 2022

The DWC announced the changes in a June Newsline, complete with a link to download the full text of the new rules.

Among the highlights of the updated Copy Fee Schedule:

  • The flat rate for copy services increases from $180 to $230
  • Three new WC codes to reflect contracted services
  • A 25% penalty surcharge for late payments, applicable 30 days from receipt of the copy service bill by the claims administrator
  • A flat rate of $10 for an additional set of records, replacing the more complex tiered rates for additional records
  • S9999 added to reflect applicable sales tax for services

The update is the first change to the copy service fee schedule since its initial adoption in 2015. Below, see our guide, which you can download here:

As noted above, daisyBill clients needn’t worry; our software will be up to date on the current rates and billing rules as always. For non-daisyBill copy service providers, feel free to try our daisyWizard, which includes our easy OMFS Calculator.

When the OMFS updates, so does daisyBill. We keep track of the details so you don’t have to. Try the daisyWizard OMFS Calculator at no charge, today.


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