City of LA Switches TPAs to Sedgwick and Intercare

City of LA Switches TPAs to Sedgwick and Intercare

The City of Los Angeles changed the Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) that handle workers’ compensation claims for its various departments and offices.

Sedgwick Claims Management Services and Intercare Holdings Insurance, Inc. are taking over claims administration duties for the city from Acclamation Insurance Management Services, Elite Claims Management, and Tristar Risk Management.

Effective dates and details regarding which TPAs cover which departments are below.

Update: save yourself some time! Check out our handy claims administrator guide for the City of Los Angeles.

Table: City of LA New TPAs

The City of Los Angeles utilizes multiple claims administrators to handle claims for different municipal branches. As of July 1, 2022, Sedgwick administers fire and conflict claims. Starting August 1, 2022, Intercare will administer police claims.

The city announced these changes on its website; details are below:

City of LA Department

Former Claims Administrator

Transfer Date

New Claims Administrator

Fire (Sworn & Civilian)

Acclamation Insurance Management Services


Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Personnel, City Attorney

Elite Claims Management


Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Police Civilian (Non-Sworn)

Elite Claims Management


Elite Claims Management

Police (Sworn)

Tristar Risk Management


Intercare Holdings Insurance, Inc.

Three important instructions for providers that treat City of LA injured workers:

  • The mailing address for these bills has changed,
  • The clearinghouse and Payer IDs for electronic bills remains the same,
  • Claim numbers remain the same.

As always, daisyBill software has been updated to reflect all of the above-noted changes.

*Correction 8/2/2022: The new claims administrator for Police Civilian (Non-Sworn) is Elite Claims Management; a previous version of this post listed Intercare as the new claims administrator.

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