Gallagher Bassett Finds Lockheed Martin Claims

Gallagher Bassett Finds Lockheed Martin Claims

Workers’ comp providers can now submit bills to Gallagher Bassett for treatment furnished to Lockheed Martin's injured employees.

Previously, daisyNews reported that Lockheed Martin switched Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) from ESIS to Gallagher Bassett, effective February 1st. Despite being the new TPA, Gallagher Bassett denied Lockheed Martin’s bills and cited the reason for the denial as “the Patient cannot be identified as our insured.”

Now, daisyBill can confirm that Gallagher Bassett has located the Lockheed Martin claims data necessary to process the affected bills. Below, see the steps providers must take to resubmit those bills.

Gallagher Bassett Finally “Locates” Lockheed Martin Claims

Effective February 1, 2024, Gallagher Bassett began administering claims for Lockheed (the self-insured status is currently revoked per the Office of Self-Insurance Plans (OSIP)’s verification page). As expected, starting February 1st, ESIS began denying Lockheed Martin bills.

However, to providers' frustration, Gallagher Bassett denied the Lockheed Martin bills despite being the new, correct claims administrator.

On March 11, 2024, daisyBill contacted Gallagher Bassett representatives, who reported that the bill denials were caused by Lockheed claims data not being listed in their systems. On March 13th, daisyBill published an article alerting the workers’ comp community that Lockheed Martin was failing to pay providers for treating its injured workers.

On March 18, daisyBill contacted Gallagher Bassett representatives, who reported that Gallagher Bassett now has access to Lockheed claims data.

IMPORTANT: Contact Gallagher Bassett Before Sending Bills

Gallagher Bassett has assigned new claim numbers to Lockheed Martin injury claims.

To submit Lockheed Martin bills to Gallagher Bassett, the provider must contact Gallagher Bassett to obtain the new claim number assigned to the injury — call (800) 370-0594.

For daisyBill providers, all Lockheed Martin injury claims and associated bills will display the following message to alert the user to change the claims administrator from ESIS to Gallagher Bassett and to call Gallagher Bassett for the new injury claim number.

Our daisyBill experts are happy to assist all providers with questions regarding billing for Lockheed Martin. Use the FREE chat feature in the bottom right corner of this screen (as shown below), or email us at

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