DWC: Disregard Coupa/Maximus Emails

DWC: Disregard Coupa/Maximus Emails

Well, this is awkward.

California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) weighed in on incidents involving strange emails to providers from Maximus, the DWC’s designated Independent Bill Review (IBR) and Independent Medical Review (IMR) organization.

The emails bore Maximus’ name and logo but contained solicitations for providers to join Coupa, an entity with a not-entirely-clear relationship to Maximus.

In response to inquiries from daisyBill, Maximus stated that the emails were not from Maximus.


In a recent Newsline, the DWC:

  • Claims Maximus “erroneously sent the solicitation,” referring to an August 22 email urging providers to join Coupa
  • Describes Coupa as “Maximus’ procurement system”
  • Assures providers they may ignore the August 22 email
  • Reports that Maximus “extends its sincere apologies”

Further details below.

Coupa/Maximus Emails Befuddle Providers

For weeks (at least, to our knowledge), providers have received emails from Maximus/Coupa like the one below urging recipients to sign up with Coupa.

However, because the emails seemingly came from Maximus and stated “Action Required,” some providers feared that failure to comply with the email would adversely affect their ability to request IBR to resolve payment disputes.

Another email (below) Maximus sent was more explicit in stating that joining Coupa was optional, but still claimed that doing so is “highly preferred for both yourself and Maximus” [emphasis added].  

At least one provider (and likely more) mistakenly signed up with Coupa due to this extended email campaign.

In response to daisyBill’s questions, Maximus did not clarify its relationship with Coupa, stating only that the emails “did not come from Maximus and can be deleted.

But on August 25, the DWC released its Newsline, clarifying that Coupa is associated with Maximus as the entity’s “procurement system.” However, the Newline claims:

Maximus Federal Services, Inc., which administers DWC’s IMR and IBR programs, erroneously sent the solicitation to medical providers and claims administrators on August 22. Maximus extends its sincere apologies for any confusion or inconvenience resulting from this error.

DWC has overseen the IMR and IBR programs since 2013 and is committed to ensuring the information is used only as appropriate to resolve disputes over medical treatment for injured workers and medical-legal billing.

Bottom line: No provider is obligated to sign up with Coupa. As for this unfortunate, “erroneous” email marketing campaign, Maximus says it’s sorry.

That’s California workers’ comp, folks.

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