New! DaisyBill Cover Sheet for Workers' Comp Bills

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New! DaisyBill Cover Sheet for Workers' Comp Bills

In an effort to reduce the friction that typifies the workers’ comp billing and payment process, all bills for medical treatment sent by DaisyBill include a helpful updated cover sheet.

It’s not too often we give claims administrators a reason to smile in this space. However, feedback from workers’ comp claims adjusters has been overwhelmingly positive, as the cover sheet helpfully breaks down the most important aspects of the bill for easy understanding and smoother processing.

Take a look at a (fictional) sample below we provide for our DaisyBill clients.

In addition to the basic patient, provider, and payer information, the cover sheet most helpfully includes exact dates — specific to the state of injury — when payment is due, as well as potential penalty and interest payments in the event of improper reimbursement.

Finally, each bill will feature the most recent news from your favorite workers’ comp billing blog.

It’s just the latest way DaisyBill is helping workers’ comp work better, one effort at a time.

Make workers’ comp a better investment. From fee schedule calculators to billing software to complete managed billing, DaisyBill has your back. Contact us to learn more.


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